Why Sisal Carpet is the Best Natural Fibre Furnishings for Your Home?

Sisal Carpet

If you want to render a classic look in your home and you prefer to use the natural choices for this, the sisal carpet is a perfect choice. Not only can you get a great variety of choices of designs and styles, but also the sisal carpet is also highly inexpensive.

With the sisal carpets, your endeavour to give a unique and extraordinary look to the interiors wouldn’t require you to burn down your pockets. On the other hand, if you go for a hand-knotted wool rug of the same size, it is going to be a costly affair.

One of the wondrous aspects of using a sisal rug is that it has an uncanny ability to adapt to all kinds of surroundings. Whatever the style or the colour palette of your interior, the sisal rugs are going to look as if these were made for the settings. Moreover, this natural rug adds an element of clean design and texture into a space.

Why sisal carpets and rugs?

There is a wide range of choices pertaining to the vivid kinds of patterns and colours of sisal rugs. Because of an immense number of design variations, and both multicoloured and monochrome options, sisal carpets are a versatile option.

Going beyond its aesthetic appeal, sisal rug is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The only thing to keep in mind is that the sisal fibre rugs should be placed in dry spaces, away from kitchens and bathrooms. Sisal fibres cannot tolerate a lot of moisture.

Sisal floor rugs when placed in bedroom areas and living spaces add an aura of cosiness and warmth. Moreover, these are highly durable and resilient. When used correctly, a sisal carpet can look great in different areas of a room even after 8-10 years of hard wearing use. Thus, these are most suitable for high traffic areas.

Sisal fibres are non-slippery. Thus, sisal carpets can be placed in the entryways. These look quite good and functional in the wall to wall placement patterns, especially in the stairways. One can also install sisal rugs on walls.

Sisal carpets can be used in various creative ways. If you choose a sisal carpet with a coloured border, it can truly make a room pop. Select the border colour according to the main colour of the room’s colour palette. You can achieve a custom look in the room without spending much.

Other benefits of sisal carpets

Sisal carpets are super easy to clean. These natural fibres neither attract nor retain dust. Thus, these are very easy to maintain with your regular routine of vacuuming. These are hard wearing and you can use these as area rugs through a variety of splendid edge treatments.

Sisal rugs are anti-static and absorb sound. Thus, these give the calm and peaceful aura in a home the complements the classic look which the rug characteristically imparts to a place where it is kept.

The best part is that the source plant of sisal, Agave grows without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Thus, you have a naturally resplendent choice of furnishings for your home with the Floorspace sisal rugs!

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